Leadership Workshop now available

Posted by rperras - September 15th, 2013

We are pleased to advise that a 2-day leadership development workshop based on The 10 Discussions is now available. The workshop will be guided using a new manual published in August 2013. Participants will integrate the concepts of the book and go through a self-assessment which will raise awareness about issues that many leaders discount but that end up causing lesser results.
For more information, please contact us at coachrpp@gmail.com

Developing the concept

Posted by rperras - April 19th, 2013

  • Now that the 10 Discussions for Effective Leadership book is available, we are developing a workshop for leaders.
  • Participants will be given the opportunity to deepen their awareness and understanding of some simple concepts that make a big difference.
  • The workshop aims to provide a roadmap for beginning and more seasoned leaders: enable and empower them to be more effective leaders creating effort-less effectiveness on a daily basis
  • Anyone interested in participating to a journey of peak performance leadership is welcome to contact us and allow us to explore how we can be of help. Send an email and we will address your issue promptly.

National Recognition – Kirkus Book Review

Posted by rperras - April 4th, 2013

  • Our book 10 Discussions for Effective Leadership has been launched and recently received recognition from a reputable firm, Kirkus Book Reviews.
  • They are recognized as the World’s Toughest Critics’ Reviews of Top Selling Titles
  • Read their assessment at Kirkus Book Review

Press Release across USA and Canada

Posted by rperras - March 6th, 2013

  • AuthorHouse reports on the Email Campaign for 10 Discussions for Effective Leadership – it was sent to 500,000 targets across the USA. It got 5.2% open rate and over 3200 targets read it.
  • A Press release was sent to Canadian Media outlets on March 11. Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver were specifically targeted. The book is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and AuthorHouse website or at your local Chapters bookstore.
  • Click the ”Buy the Books” tab to order your copy.

Ready, Aim, Excel!

Posted by admin - February 19th, 2013

  • This book is a bestseller! Look it up on Amazon. Click the icon that will get you there. Read contributions from leadership experts. Learn that leadership is an inside job!
  • Everyone seeks to get better; it’s a natural and innate desire. Those who disregard that inborn urge to grow their abilities usually end up unhappy.
  • Look inside this book! You will find a number of stories or reminders that will help you find within yourself the previously forgotten skills and abilities you have developed over your lifetime.
  • Be a leader! You will feel better for it.

“Awareness” is the word

Posted by rperras - January 25th, 2013

In this age of speed and information overload, it is important to recognize that the only way to succeed is to increase our “awareness”.

Contrary to the conventional thinking, it is impossible to multi-task. We think computers do it, but it’s only because they are so fast, their single process in nanoseconds seems “at the same time” to us.

We have become misdirected by the belief that we can be as good as a computer – impossible. Therefore, we have to become aware of that fact and stop trying to multitask and focus on one thing at a time.

“Awareness” is indeed the word.

Get a sense of possibilities

Posted by rperras - January 23rd, 2013

Peak performance is not the pedal to the metal. It is about using the right stuff, in the right amount, at the right time

Whether you are an athlete or a business person or just an ordinary person, the techniques found in the book will help you increase your results while reducing your stress.

Get the book AïM for Life Mastery

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